Survivors ~ the toilet papers

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It's nothing to be ashamed ofI guess that going to the loo just isn’t dramatic enough to be discussed in the new BBC1 series of Survivors.

But don’t you just want to know all the details?

We’ve seen plenty of the cast foraging for food and water from abandoned shops, but nothing of the way they are managing to keep their toilet going. With no mains water to flush with, they would have to be using rainwater and then only flushing when they really have to. It must be pretty smelly by now with so many of them sharing facilities but no one seems to be moaning about that.

Flushing loos are just one convenience (excuse the pun) that rely on us having plenty of water. Around a third of our household water use goes straight down the toilet. That’s water that has been purified to drinking standards, taking a lot of extra energy (that also means CO2 emissions these days). And yet for little investment, we could easily harvest enough water from our roofs to perform this job and immediately make a big impact on global warming. Alas, we’ve got very used to having flush loos, even though they cause more problems than they solve. Our bodies separate solids from liquids for a very good reason, because mixing them leads to anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition and that’s what creates those bad smells (methane ~ a far worse greenhouse gas than CO2).

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