Design Your Ethical Livelihood (2 days)

19th - 20th October 2019

Glamping / camping with other local accommodation options

Ourganics Evolving Systems




  • Aranya


    Aranya is an experienced permaculture designer, teacher and author. Completing his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2003, Aranya started teaching the following year. He discovered this made his heart sing, so he made it his main focus. Since 2004 he has taught over 80 two-week design courses, something he has no intention of stopping. He feels that it's a privilege to have the opportunity to teach "something that can make a real difference in all our lives".
    In the spring of 2012 Permanent Publications published his first book 'Permaculture Design - a Step-by-Step Guide', which evolved from a set of design course worksheets. He also writes occasionally for magazines and from time to time shares interesting items on his blog. Aranya is currently writing a second book, about a subject he’s especially fascinated by, the application of systems thinking and patterns in permaculture design.
    Aranya is keen to share what he has learned along his journey to help others who wish to develop ethical 'right' livelihoods for themselves. He is excited by the idea of becoming part of a rapidly growing permaculture economy and  this course has been developed to help make that dream a reality.
    ‘As a leading practitioner Aranya understands what it’s like to begin to turn your life around and to continue learning as you put permaculture into practice'  Trish Taylor (Permaculture Design Certificate Graduate)
  • Pat Bowcock

    Pat Bowcock

    Pat grew up in the Gloucestershire countryside, with a beautiful garden, an orchard, open fields, streams & ponds around her. Over the last twenty years she has been saddened to see whole woodlands cut down and not replaced, old hedgerows taken out to create fields for large machinery. It reflected the lack of respect and consideration we show to each other and the planet we are so much a part of and dependent upon.
    This inspired her to look for a piece of land to live in harmony with which she found in the form of a pony paddock in June 1999. Her aim was to create a haven for plants, wildlife, trees and people. Pat realized that she couldn't change the world alone, but she could take responsibility for what she ate, where she slept, her waste, and how she interacted with others. A central element of her intention was people care, planet care and fair share.
    Pat set about creating the systems she would need to put these principles into action. She was supported and encouraged by her family and the many people who came to help make Ourganics what it is today. Ourganics Evolving Systems has become her portfolio of design work which in July 2006 earned her the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.
    Along the way Pat has gained a huge amount of experience in all aspects relating to caring for land, growing and selling food and building a strong support network for the project.


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