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Permaculture offers an exciting future

Are you looking for an inspiring vision of the future?

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Permaculture provides positive solutions for us all, to create environmentally sustainable, harmonious and abundant ways of living - and what's more it's exciting!

Here you will discover that you have a significant influence on the world around you and that you can make simple choices that will change your life for the better.

Here you will find both information about permaculture itself and to give you some ideas, the many ways in which I have incorporated its design principles into my own life. One common misconception is that permaculture is just about organic gardening, but we can use its principles to design anything from transport systems to housing and economics to community networks.

Learn Permaculture!

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It was the single most important thing that I ever did in my life and here you will find out why I think so and learn more about what I can offer.

As a starting point though you might wish to watch one of my videos or maybe purchase a copy of my book, which evolved from perhaps the first fully online Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design portfolio (here since 2003 and now available as downloadable pdfs).

There are additional pages showing a few of the gardens I've designed, created and/or maintained in very different places, during that period using permaculture principles. You'll find a page dedicated to explaining permaculture and why we all need to be doing more of it and I've also included some recent articles that I've written for Permaculture Magazine.

The links page provides many more sources of inspiration and information if you wish to learn more. You can even enjoy photographs of some of my Salad Mandalas, created using plants from my own garden.

Take your learning to the next level...

Perhaps you're here because you just read my book, in which case you might like to learn more about the different courses and design support events I offer, that will deepen your understanding of permaculture and teach you how to apply the design tools and methods to your own life. In the full design course we also explore permaculture in gardening and farming, looking at soil, water, trees and plants, along with its applications in natural building, energy, community, economics and much more.

Additionally I offer tutoring to design course graduates who sign up the Permaculture Association's Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Contact me if you are interested.

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