The Permaculture Design Course Experience

A 4 minute film of the permaculture design course taught by myself (Aranya), Caroline Aitken and Mel Lamb at the High Heathercombe Centre on Dartmoor in Devon in April 2016.

Permaculture Magazine Interview

Maddy Harland interviews Aranya and asks him what inspired him about permaculture and how he came to write his book Permaculture Design - a step by step guide.

Talk at the London Permaculture Festival

This 40 minute talk given in 2012 gives an overview of the permaculture design process, the basic pattern of what I cover in my book 'Permaculture Design - a step by step guide'.

Talk at the UK Permaculture Convergence

This 53 minute talk given in 2010 gives an introduction to natural patterns and their application in permaculture design, one of my favourite subjects!

My You Tube Channel

You can view more permaculture films on my You Tube Channel here: