Sark Sanctuary

Rue de Sermon, Sark, Channel islands

Lying 80 miles off the south coast of England, visiting Sark is like stepping gently back in time. All cars are banned, the island's transportation being limited to horse-drawn carraiges and a few tractors. Bicycles can easily be hired and are the best way to get around the 3 mile long island, though it's not impractical to simply journey on foot - the best way to enjoy the abundant blackberries!

The island has a spectacular coastline, with always at least a couple of sheltered beaches regardless of wind direction. Sark has also been declared the first "dark sky island" in the world. There are no public streetlights and few, if any, buildings are floodlit.It is a truly beautiful place to hold a permaculture design course.

For those who are especially interested, the Sark PDC offers an extra emphasis on food production (Roz Rolls has created a fantastic permaculture garden at the Stocks Hotel) and localisation (island living).
Our venue, Sark Sanctuary, offers us all the failities we need for our indoor activities. It consists of a hall, kitchen, several multipurpose rooms, and toilets. There is Wi-Fi throughout and multimedia facilities in the chapel, hall and two upstairs rooms. Please note that as Methodist premises, no alcohol is allowed. There are views across the island to the east and over the neighbouring islands of Brecqhou, Guernsey, Herm and Jethou to the west. It is conveniently located for access to the western headland, Little Sark and the centre of the island, with the north and east coasts relatively near too.

Getting There

Sark is accessible only by passenger ferry, most regularly from Guernsey, but also to some degree from Jersey. No cars can be taken to the island - this is why it's such a peaceful place to be.
Timing: You can travel to Sark whenever you like but, if you'd like to join the group in Guernsey and travel over to Sark together, we'll be meeting at the harbour early afternoon on 1st September and catching the 3.00pm (15:00hrs) Sark ferry:  fixed cost : £29.39 return.

Main options to Guernsey:

Further details on Guernsey Tourist website:

 1) Condor Liberation fast ferry from Poole, UK. (please note drivers that parking in Poole was £7 a night in 2017)
     Sat 1st Sept. 8.00am. Arrives 11.00am. Current price £58
     Return Sunday 16th Sept. 16.25 Arrives 19.25. Price: £33

2) Commodore Clipper (also run by Condor Ferries) slow ferry from Portsmouth, UK
   Sat 1st Sept. 9.00am Arrives 16.00. Current price £30  (last Sark ferry goes at 17.00 so cutting it fine if ferry is late or it takes a long time to disembark -  not recommended!)
    Return Sat 15th Sept. 17.20pm Arrives 6.30am on 16th.  Price: £25  (there's no slow ferry on Sunday night)
   or Monday 17th Sept. 17.20pm Arrives 6.30am on the 18th.  Price £24
3) Ferry services also run from St Malo in France, more details here:

4) Flying.  Less environmentally friendly but may be more convenient  - especially for long distance travellers.
    Frequent Flights go from many locations (see website link above).  Example:
    Sat 1st Sept. from Gatwick: 10.00am arrives 11.10. or  11.55am arrives 13.05pm. Current price: £79.99
    Return Sunday 16th Sept. 14.50pm arrives 15.50pm  or 16.25pm arrives 17.30pm.  Price: £59.99
Frequent buses run from the airport to the harbour.

These are current prices only (as of 24.12.17) and may be subject to change and higher at time of booking.
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