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We are the World leaders!


It was perhaps inevitable that our so-called ‘World leaders’ would disappoint us in Copenhagen. Are any of us really surprised? The influence of big business is far too great for our politicians to lead us any more. No, we are the ones this time who are going to have to come to the rescue.

Yes, politicians can make decisions which have far reaching effects in a short time, but let’s face it, it could be a long time before they make them.

We don’t have time to wait!

We however, are always in a position to make different choices. Yes, let our voices be heard, but let’s not waste valuable time banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall, when we could be spending that time making positive changes in our own lives now.

And those changes don’t have to be big; Nature rarely takes big steps. No, evolution is mostly a gradual process, as it’s important for the effects of small changes to be observed before continuing on. Chaos theory suggests that a butterfly fluttering its wings on one side of the world can lead to a storm on the other. Our small personal changes may seem insignificant from where we stand, but the effects of them ripple out into the world, whilst we often remain unaware.

But with so much to do, what should I do first?

Well, permaculture can certainly help us with that, as it teaches us to become good observers and how to identify the most effective choices to make in our own unique circumstances. But if you really want somewhere to start, one thing is sure though;

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now.”
Chinese Proverb

Tree planting is fun too!

Winter is the perfect time to plant trees and doing so is a very powerful act in a time when so many are being cut down. Make it a social event, invite your friends. Plant fruit trees too, even if you may not be around to eat the harvest yourself. In the future, with the cost of transport rising with oil prices, we will be very grateful to have much more food growing close to home.

Whatever you do, do something and let others know. This doesn’t mean you need to go preaching about it, it could simply be to make changes where they are visible to others. For instance, an exciting project in London is encouraging people to start growing food in their front gardens, where passers by will see it and may be inspired to do so themselves. It’s a fine example of how your actions can inspire change far beyond your own ability to see it.

Make a decision to do something to make the world a better place in 2010. Better still, do it now. Don’t forget, we are the real World leaders, and always have been. We are the ones leading the change, perhaps small steps at a time, but that’s the way nature likes to do things.