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Broad Bean Hummus

Last Sunday I found myself standing in at the end of a fruit and veg aisle in a well known supermarket. It’s not often I need to go to a supermarket to get food but time away from home meant it a was a sensible decision to pause my local veg box order. 

The hunt for green beans left me staring at an array of produce from all across the world, I had the choice to sample beans from Egypt to Peru and Kenya to New Zealand. Finally my eyes landed on the broad beans, the only UK option. I really was surprised at how far some of these beans had travelled, do we really need to be eating green beans from New Zealand in June? It just seemed so absurd to be shipping food across continents for the sake of a month’s patience.


After a quick reformulation of my dinner plans I picked up the broad beans and headed home to make some broad bean hummus. It used to be that broad beans were one of my least favourite vegetables, until I discovered this recipe at a local growing project. Now they are one of my firm favourites and I look forward to welcoming them back every year.

Wether you get your broad beans from your permaculture garden or local supermarket, broad bean hummus is a welcome addition to most summer recipes. Light and tasty, it goes down well as a starter with some crispy bread and crackers as well as making a welcome accompaniment to your summer salad. Like it’s chickpea counterpart, broad bean hummus is smooth and flavourful meaning it can be easily transported in pots and spread in sandwiches, perfect for those on the go. 



Broad Bean Hummus Recipe

Season: June - September


200g broad beans

1 clove of garlic

1/2 lemon juiced

2 tbsp of olive oil



Herbs and spices to taste

Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours. Try adding different herbs and spices like mint, thyme paprika, chilli, dill and extra garlic.


Method (10-15mins)

Steam or boil the beans (in pods) until soft, around 3-5 minutes 

Drain and cover in cold water

When cooled, split the pods and push the beans out with your thumb

Blitz all the ingredients in a food processor or with a handheld blender

Once smooth, taste and add more seasoning and/or olive oil if needed

Serve with olive oil on top


You can keep the hummus for around 3 days in the fridge and if you’ve got a broad bean glut, blanch and freeze them for the joy of broad bean hummus all year round. 



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