Thanks for buying my design process guide, I hope you've been finding it useful.

Below are links to a collection of downloadable resources that can help you with your own process. Most of them are zipped to simplify downloading -most operating systems will know what to do to extract the contents, but in case you need a program I use 7zip, available here:

Happy designing!


Design process flowcharts



Flowcharts (4MB)

Mapping (1.4MB)

Design worksheets (2.2MB)

Design tools


Design drawings

Design tools (2.1MB)


Mind maps (250KB)

My design drawings (4MB)

Fact sheets

Tony Martin's IBC design (340kB)

Useful web resources

Magnetic declination:
Mapping services:
Large format map printing:
UK weather including average rainfalls, sun shine levels / annual/ monthly, days of frost, temps etc:
Other weather data:


Links to translated versions of these book resources: